Fabada Asturiana

Star dish of Spanish cuisine, originally from Asturias. Today, Fabada Asturiana with Iberian Excellence.

The Asturian fabada is a reference dish of Spanish cuisine, although it is originally from Asturias, each region of Spain has its own variation of this stew of beans and sausages. The Fabada Asturiana or Fabes is a typical winter dish, which is eaten hot, with a spoon, at lunchtime. The first written references about this dish date back to the 19th century, although it is believed that it was already consumed in the 16th century. So international is this dish that it can be found it in almost all Spanish restaurants scattered around the world, and even there are variations of this famous stew in some areas of the United States carried by the Asturian emigrants who settled there.

fabada-fabada asturiana-alubias blancas-judias blancas-iberian excellence-la rosaraIngredients

To make an authentic Fabada Asturiana we need:

500 gr of Asturian Fabes or large white beans.
2 pieces of spanish iberian chorizo ​​or choricitos (small chorizo).
2 pieces of spanish iberian black pudding.
A portion of Iberian bacon.
1 onion.
Some people add saffron, Pimentón de la Vera (special spanish paprika) or some garlic.


The first thing is to leave the Fabes all night soaking.

In a large cacerole, put Fabes in cold water, so much as need until covered, over low heat. When cooking, it will produce a little foam, remove it.

Add the chorizo, black pudding, onion and bacon. Some people also add garlic.

Let boil at a slow start for about three hours, controlling the amount of water. Add cold water when needed. Do not stir.

At half cook, can be added Saffron or Pimentón de la Vera, to the taste of the consumer.

After adding salt, let them boil until tender, and finally let stand with the fire off.

To serve them, we remove the sausages and chop it, and then add it again to the Fabes.

We serve it in a clay pot.

You can taste this exquisite Spanish gourmet dish in our store.

fabada-fabada asturiana-alubias blancas-judias blancas-iberian excellence-la rosara


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