About Us

“Where the World meets Spain”

At Iberian Excellence, we are passionate about gastronomy.
We select the best gourmet products with care and guaranteeing their excellent quality.

Our mission

To select the best gourmet products of Spain and make them universally accessible, offering the highest quality and variety as well as a healthy diet.

Inspire people to enjoy life through gastronomy, positioning local producers in a global market.

Our Vision

To be top world reference of excellent quality Spanish products, committed to nature, tradition and the satisfation of our customers.

Our Values

  • Excellence: We select the best products in Spain, collaborating with small local producers.
  • Nature: We work in a responsible and sustainable way, respecting and preserving nature.
  • Health: We are committed to a healthier and more natural diet, based on the Mediterranean diet.
  • Culture: We trasmit Spanish culture, making it accessible worldwide.
  • Joy: Food in Spain means joy. Share this moment with your loved ones.
  • Tradition: We are committed to keep and transmit the good work of Spanish cuisine.
  • Compromise: We collaborate to preserve nature and improve the lives of people and animals.